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Manufacturing Process

ISO 9001 Certification

All our manufacturing processes are certified under the standards ISO 9001.

Our production plant was certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in October 1998, since then, we count with an important quality guarantee for our manufacturing process as well as in the technology and materials used.

Iso 9001:2000

ISO 9001 Certification guarantees that each spring produced in our company has the same quality, a world-class quality, and this is one of the greatest prides of AG.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that ensures the highest level of control in manufacturing. Following this methodology, products experiment a series of inspections during the production process in order to register and maintain high standards.

We are proud of being pioneers in obtaining this certification in the car-spare-parts market, having fulfilled difficult tasks along the way. With ISO 9001, AG consumers have the guarantee of counting with springs of the highest quality available, effective and really durable. 

Quality proof

Nowadays, many consumers question the products’ quality. In the automotive aftermarket products case, this concern is even greater due to safety issues with their vehicles. Most frequently asked questions are:

  • > Will it fit correctly?
  • > Will my car be safe?
  • > How will it ride?
  • > Will it work properly?

AG is a step ahead in excellence and reliability, being the only argentinian company in its field that is internationally certified by the ISO.